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Research, Development, Manufacturing and Marketing water-based and solvent-based polyurethanes coatings, lamination and impregnation high performance on various substrates

  • Water-based products Water-based products
  • Ecological Products Ecological Products

NOKXELLER MICRODISPERSIONS was established in 2005, as a result of a joint between the companies Noko Química Ltda and Exceller coatings forming an independent company that operates in the B2B system.

NOKXELLER MICRODISPERSIONS is intended to be a reference for production and marketing of polyurethanes in aqueous polyurethane dispersions for several segments such as leather, wood, metal, textile, industrial paints, etc.

Research and development is our stronghold that afford us achieving remarkable results as an innovative and patented process that provides micro and nano dispersions with superior properties.

Our products are absolutely driven by the more demanding customers meeting all international standards of quality.

We try to focus our efforts on the specific needs of our clients helping them to strengthen their competitiveness and performance.

Our focus is innovation, respect for human beings and the environment and satisfaction of customers and employees.

We are oriented for excellence, flexibility and loyalty and hope to be your partner of greater value.

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Value partnerships with our customers and employees with the utmost dedication; contribute to its success atravpes of meeting their specific needs in a flexible, agile and innovative way, developing polyurethanes in general for various segments, always grounded in research and development of new materials, processes and respecting the environment

Our vision

Our vision

Our purpose is to be technical reference of excellence in the production and marketing of polyurethanes in general for various segments, making us the preferred partner of our customers. We also intend to achieve the national leadership of the coatings industry on various substrates within five years.



  • Focus on the customer - We focus efforts on the specific needs of our customers and help them to strengthen their competitiveness and performance.
  • Integrity and appreciation of people - We are a reliable, legal and respectful partner in all our relationships, internal and external. We invest in the personal and professional development of our employees, capitalizing on all the knowledge created in an important source of information and differentiation for all.

  • Commitment - Our results are the result of personal commitment, continuous development of skills and entrepreneurial behavior of our employees.

  • Sustainability - We respect the well-being and future of the community in which we operate, we contribute to sustainable development, always seeking the best balance between the environment and social and economic needs.

  • Teamwork - Our operations are based on attention to detail, commitment, initiative, trust, communication and passion for what we do, so we build a genuine team spirit, translated by the achievement of everything our potential, mutual cooperation and the participation of all.